e blan●ket for a smoke.The sergeant, shrieking his u●ndying affection, threw himself down between us ●and began to embrace us

in turn.When we ▓kicked him off the veranda he l●ocked arms with the privates▓ and waltzed away across the parade-gr▓ound, screaming a high-pitched

nativ●e song at the top of his lungs.The quart bottl●e stood on the table—empty. We● spent t

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he night on the veranda.We d▓id not sleep there.Our sun-sco●rched skins would not permit it; even had t▓hey burned less fiercely, we could not have


●slept.One would have fancied the▓ monastery a gigantic hen yard, w●ith the priests transformed into chanticleers 44▓3during the hours of darkness.Aft●er every shower the unveiled mo▓on was greeted with a din of crowin●g that was nothing short of inf

ernal.In th▓e brief respite each gathering storm brought● us, we tossed about wide-awake ▓on our asperous couch, listening to t▓he symphonic tinkling of the pagoda bells. ● With dawn came a summons from the D▓ane.We hurried to his bungalow ▓and joined him at breakfast.He had gathered▓ together two pairs of shoes and four kh▓aki uniforms.They were from h▓is own tailor in Bangkok, still very serv▓iceable, though fitting us a bit● too snugly, and chafing our blistere●d skins.Rolling up the

extra garm●ents and swinging them over our shoulde●rs, we bade our host farewell.As we le

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ft the g●arrison inclosure we came upon the sergeant, si●tting on the ground, his knees drawn ▓up to his chin, his face burie●d in his hands—a ve


ry person▓ification of the baneful morning after●. CHAPTER XX THE JUNGLES OF SI▓AM The route to Bangkok, such as it was, la▓y on the eastern bank of the Menam.▓This time we crossed the stream by the● official ferry, a dug-out canoe fully thirty ▓feet long, which held, besides oursel●ves and four paddlers, twenty-two nat▓ives, chiefly of the gentle sex.●All day we tramped through jungle as ▓wild as that to the westward, fol▓lowing the course of the river.Bamboo vil▓lages were numerous and for every h●ut at least a half-dozen, mangy, yell▓ow curs added their yelping to ●the uproar that heralded our a●pproach.We cooked our food wh

ere we chose and p●aid for it when we had eaten.The inha●bitants were indolent “wild men” like those● of the mountains, content to li●ve and die in their nests of jungle ru▓bbish, with a dirty rag about thei▓r loins.Occasionally a family▓ ran away into the forest when w▓e took possession of their abod●e.More often they remained where we fo●und them, squatting on the floor, and watched ▓our culinary dexterity with lack●-luster eyes.Except for their breasts, there ●was nothing to distingu

ish the women from the m▓en.Both sexes wore their dull, black ●hair some two inches long

and dre▓ssed it in a bristling pompadou●r that gave them a resemblance to startl▓ed porcupines.Bot

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h had jet-black teeth▓.The younger children were robust little● animals; the older, ungainly creatures wi▓th overgrown bellies. Chief of the obs▓tacles to our progress were the tributa●ries of the Menam Chow Pya.Somet●imes they were swift and deep.●Then we had only to strip and swim ▓them, our bundles slung around our ▓hea


ds.What we dreaded more were the sluggish st●reams, through which we

must wade wa●ist deep in black, foul-smel●ling slush

or half-acres of nauseating green ▓sli

me, cesspools that seemed desi

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